Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink?

Are American Eagle jeans known to shrink? Is there a way to prevent them from shrinking and if so, what are some tips? The answer might surprise you. Read Our recent posts about Do Calvin Klein Jeans Shrink? and Do Levis Jeans Shrink?

Why Are American Eagle Jeans So Popular?

Why Are American Eagle Jeans So Popular
Why Are American Eagle Jeans So Popular

Jeans have been a staple in men’s wardrobes for years. However, the American Eagle jeans brand has taken this clothing item to a whole new level. The reason why these jeans are so popular is that they are made from quality materials, and they fit perfectly. American Eagle jeans also come in a variety of styles and colors that will suit any man’s style.

The American Eagle jeans brand makes comfortable, stylish, and durable jeans. The company offers a wide range of jeans for men of all ages. You can buy American Eagle jeans in various styles, including skinny, straight, slim, and tapered. The jeans are available in various colors, including black, blue, dark gray, light gray, white, khaki, brown, red, and many more. If you want to know about American Eagle jeans manufactured, read this guide Where Are American Eagle Jeans Made?

Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink?

Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink
Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink

In the fashion world, American Eagle is one of the top brands in the industry. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson have worn their jeans. But did you know that they also shrink? If American Eagle jeans shrink, why do they shrink? Let’s find out!

American Eagle Jeans shrink! Yes, they do. If you’ve ever gotten a pair of American Eagle jeans, you know they do indeed shrink. But don’t worry—they’ll grow with you.

American Eagle Jeans are made from the finest cotton denim and are designed to fit as you wear them. After just a couple of washes, the fabric shrinks, and the pants become more fitted. However, if you want to wear your American Eagle jeans in their original, shrunken state, don’t worry! They can easily be stretched back to their original fit.

If you want to wear your American Eagle jeans for a while before you start stretching them, they are machine washable. You can also hand wash them if you prefer. After that, air dry them, or they won’t be as soft and wearable.

Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink in The Dryer?

American Eagle Jeans Shrink in The Dryer
American Eagle Jeans Shrink in The Dryer

Yes, American Eagle jeans shrink in the dryer.

It sounds like you might be having a problem with your denim. Many people assume that denim is a natural material that won’t shrink, but that’s not true.

While denim is a natural fabric, it is also a synthetic fabric. That means it comprises polyester fibers, which can shrink when heat is exposed. When you wash your clothes in a washing machine, the agitation causes the fibers to move around and cause the fabric to shrink.

Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink After Washing?

Yes, American Eagle jeans do shrink after washing. This is normal and expected. As you wash your jeans, the denim fibers lose moisture and shrink. If you wash your jeans too often, they will begin to look worn.

You should treat your jeans the same way you treat any other item of clothing. Wash them less frequently, but don’t go overboard.

If you’re concerned about your jeans looking worn, you can add a fabric conditioner to your wash. It will help your jeans maintain their original shape and texture longer.

How To Shrink American Eagle Jeans?

How To Shrink American Eagle Jeans
How To Shrink American Eagle Jeans

I will share with you how to shrink American Eagle jeans and make your jeans look like a new pair of jeans.

Step 1: Find The Right Size: Find the right size for your body. Don’t try on any jeans that don’t fit properly. You may end up with a pair of pants that are too big or too small.

Step 2: Wash Them: Wash the jeans in cold water. This will shrink the denim, but it won’t damage the jeans.

Step 3: Dry Them: Hang the jeans in the dryer on low heat. This will shrink the jeans even more.

Step 4: Let Them Sit: Let the jeans sit overnight. This will allow the denim to shrink more.

Unshrink American Eagle Jeans

American Eagle jeans are some of the most popular jeans on the market, but they can be shrunk. If you’re looking to unshrink them, follow these steps.

1. First, put the jeans in a warm water bath for a few minutes.

2. Remove the jeans from the bath and squeeze out as much excess water as possible.

3. When you’re drying your jeans, make sure you hang them in the shade. This will help to stop them from shrinking further.

4. Once your jeans have dried, you can let them air dry. Again, you’ll want to ensure you don’t overdo this, or you could ruin the shape of your jeans.

Wash American Eagle Jeans For The First Time

So you’ve decided to wash your American Eagle jeans for the first time. You’re ready to wash them, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Wash Them In Warm Water: 

First, you should wash your American Eagle jeans in warm water. This will help prevent the fabric from stretching out.

2. Use a Gentle Detergent: 

You don’t want to use too much detergent. You also don’t want to use a heavy-duty detergent. Instead, you want to use a gentle detergent.

3. Rinse Them Thoroughly: 

Once you’ve washed your jeans, you’ll want to rinse them. This will remove any excess detergent and any dirt.

4. Hang Them Up To Dry: 

You’ll want to hang your jeans up to dry. This will help prevent any creases from forming on the fabric.


It’s not a myth. American Eagle Jeans do shrink. American Eagle’s jeans are made from a special blend of denim, a natural fiber that shrinks with use. The shrinkage happens when the denim wears down, and the fabric gets stretched out.

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