How To Get Coffee Out Of Jeans? Easy and Quick Way

When you get coffee out of jeans, you need to know what you’re doing. That’s why I’ve compiled this guide to help you understand how to get coffee out of jeans. I will show you some methods that will help you to get coffee out of jeans. I will also give you some great tips and tricks. Read our recent guide about- How To Get Starch Out Of Jeans?

Does Coffee Stain Jeans?

Does Coffee Stain Jeans, Coffee stain in jeans
Coffee Stain in Jeans

Yes! Coffee stains jeans, just like it stains shirts and shoes. All it takes is some of the coffee’s tannins, the chemicals that give coffee its color, to get onto the cloth. And just like with clothes, you can wash your jeans. First, you will need to remove any excess stains and then soak them in cold water for at least 15 minutes. Then run through your regular cycle, and let the machine do all the work.

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How to Get Coffee Out of Jeans?

Getting coffee out of jeans is a difficult task, but there are many methods that you can use. Furthermore, these methods are pretty easy to do.

There are a few easy-to-follow steps you can follow to get coffee stains out of your jeans, including washing them.

Method 1:

How to Get Coffee Out of Jeans
How to Get Coffee Out of Jeans

You can start by pouring a cup of water into a bowl. Then add some baking soda and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Put the mixture on the stain once it is ready, and leave it to soak overnight. The next day, wash the jeans as normal. You can use commercial laundry detergent or hand soap if the stain is not going. Repeat this process twice, and then wash the jeans as normal.

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Method 2:

Another common method to remove stains is to use peroxide. Add some hydrogen peroxide to a bowl or basin and pour some baking soda. Put the mixture and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, pour it off and wash your jeans as normal. Continue this process two more times, and then wash them as usual.

How to Get Coffee Out of Jeans, coffee stain removing process 2
Removing coffee stain method 2

Other options include:

  • Soaking the jeans in salt water.
  • Even using baking soda.

While these methods are easier than breaking out your belt sander, you can still get the job done without damaging the fabric. If you want to see which methods work best, try a few of them.

So there you have it. These are easy-to-follow steps to get coffee from your favorite pair of jeans. Try one of these methods today.

How Do You Get Coffee Stains Out of Jeans Fast?

1. Soak the jeans in hot water. If you don’t own a washing machine, you can soak them in a sink full of hot water.

2. Use soap. If the coffee is still in the denim, you’ll need soap to remove it.

3. Wash them again. After soaking the jeans in hot water, you’ll need to wash them again to ensure you’ve removed all the coffee.

4. Hang them to dry. You can hang the jeans up to dry or leave them on a radiator to dry.

5. Use a stain remover. Once the coffee has dried, you can use a stain remover to remove the coffee stains.

6. Let them air-dry. Once you’ve used a stain remover, you can leave the jeans to air-dry. It will help get rid of the coffee stains.

How Do You Remove Old Coffee Stains?

How Do You Remove Old Coffee Stains
How Do You Remove Old Coffee Stains

1. The first step is cleaning the coffee stain area. You’ll want to use warm water and dish soap. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve wiped the area clean.

2. The next step is to wait a few hours. After waiting a few hours, you’ll want to ensure you’ve dried the area. The blow dryer will help you dry the area.

3. The final step is to use vinegar and water. You’ll want to make sure you mix the two ingredients well. Then, you can use a spray bottle to apply the mixture to the coffee stain.

Will Coffee Permanently Stain Clothes?

It depends on the clothing you are wearing. Certain fabrics, especially cotton, are more prone to developing stains than others. If you wash your clothes right away, the coffee should come out. But if you leave it overnight or let it sit around, the stain could become permanent.

If you’re planning on washing your clothes immediately, consider purchasing some laundry detergent specifically designed for coffee. Many of these products contain enzymes that will break down the caffeine in the coffee and prevent the stain from becoming permanent.

Coffee stains also happen to be pretty stubborn. As a result, some detergents and stain removers are more effective at removing coffee stains than others. But even if you choose the wrong detergent, you can still try to remove the stain by hand. Applying soap or detergent is all you need to do; soak your clothing in hot water, and rinse.

Of course, you shouldn’t use abrasive material like sandpaper to remove the stain. Doing so will likely rub it into the fabric. Instead, rub the stain with a sponge and lukewarm water, then rinse well.

Does Vinegar Remove Coffee Stains?

The vinegar-based solution is often used to remove stains from the cloth. First, use a gentle detergent and warm water to remove any dirt. Next, rub the stained area with a soft, clean cloth or towel. Wipe the entire surface of the stain, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Add two or three drops of liquid soap to a clean, lidded container after pouring a small amount of white Vinegar. Add another drop of dish soap for each additional cup of vinegar. Mix well, then dip a clean, damp cloth or paper towel in the solution and wipe the entire stain. After rinsing the area with fresh water, dry it completely.


There are so many ways to get coffee out of your jeans, but you can’t just pick one method. If you’re using the wrong method, you’ll damage your jeans and possibly even ruin your jeans. Therefore, you must be using the right method for the job.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to remove coffee from your jeans, you can use the methods mentioned here.

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